About Assisted house sales

The concept of assisted house sale is a subject of interest for those who are looking for a way to maximize the selling price of their home. This concept is actually quite clever and can provide you will a hassle free and crystal clear option to make a profit easily and quickly.

When you take help from an expert who specializes in this, then you can expect a much higher offered price on your house. They come up with such a big number by using the amount that you have already had in place on your home. After you verify the loans on the house and also verify the different charges, you will then receive the difference from them within a very short span of time.

After that, it will be them who will bear the responsibility of your mortgages payments until they sell the house for you by means of asset manager. So, as a result of assisted house sale you are getting the benefit of higher selling price and quick cash payment.

How can you get such a higher amount?

Assisted house sale is always associated with higher selling price which can be enjoyed by the house owner. The professional helping you with such a sale can offer a high price as it is all above return on capital. The professionals do not use their own fund, but instead they will keep your lending in a place and you will receive the difference. So, basically the professionals are getting the benefit of reduced cash investment. Their profit is always much higher than the amount they give for purchasing your home. As they happen to invest less, the return on their capital happens to be greater.

Who will let your lender know about this?

It is the responsibility of your Case Manager to inform your lender/s that it is the professional who will be making the payments (third party payments) from now on. They will keep on paying until your home is disposed of. When your lender agrees to the terms and conditions of the professional responsible for the assisted house sale, then only the professional will continue with their procedures. After your lender agrees, the professional will quickly start the process to dispose your home.

Why opt for an Assisted House Sale?

Sometimes it may happen that you have put your home on the market but had no luck. In such a situation, you should consider assisted home sale. Besides this, there are many other times when this can be a good move and they are as follows:

  • If your home requires refurbishment work but you do not have the capital to get the work done.
  • The overall process of selling a house is quite difficult if you have no idea about it. A lot of research and legal requirements are to be followed to make sure that you can fix a suitable selling price for your home. It is better to go for a professional and be stress free.
  • It may happen that you simply do not have the time to carry out the time-consuming process of selling your home.
  • Suppose you have moved to somewhere else and thus you want to sell your home. In such situation, it will be very difficult to provide commitment to the process of selling of your home. Thus, taking this kind of help will be beneficial.

How to apply for an Assisted Home Sale?

After you have found the right professional to help you, visit their website and apply for a quote after providing them all the information they require about you and your property. Within few hours of apply for a quote, you will receive a cash offer.

It will be the job of the sale manager of that organization to provide you all the information about your assisted home sale offer. If you agree to their terms and conditions, then you will see that the professional have conducted a RICs survey along with some local property agent valuations.

This valuation process helps them to have a clear picture about the market value of your home which on the other hand, helps them to decide on a profitable amount to offer to you.

So, these were some information which can explain you the concept of assisted house sale.