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5 Tips For Selling Your Home Fast

Which property sale advice
Which property sale advice

The supply of property, houses, and homes is outstripping the demand in the market today. Many people are tempted to lower the prices so that their properties can sell faster. But there are other creative ways to enhance your house attractiveness besides reducing its price below the market price. In this article, we shall focus on ways of making your property stand out among the thousands available in the market, so that you don’t end up falling into that category of stumped seller whose properties have lingered on the market for months.

The following five tips will enlighten you on how to generate interest and how to achieve a quick property sale.

  1. Make the first appearance of your home attractive and impressive

The first impression that the buyer gets regarding your home determines whether they will buy your property or not. If the front area of your property is not impressive, many buyers will not even walk through the door. How do you improve the appearance of your home to make it more appealing?

– Clean up the compound-Most people clean the front part of the property and ignore the back. If you want to remain competitive and win the buyer, keep the backyard garden clean as well. You may get surprised finding out the garden being the factor that has sealed the deal.

– Clean up the inside of your house as well- buyers are always curious, and they will enter each and every room to have a view of what they are buying. After all, it’s their right as soon they will pay their hard earned money for that property. Clean up every room and keep it in order. The last thing a buyer wants to encounter is dirty kitchen cupboards and dusty walls.

-Replace the broken windows and add a fresh coat of paint on the walls- simple touches like these can make your home sell fast and even add massive value to your property.

  1. De-clutter 

Keep the mismatched chairs into the storage room or donate them, keep the mantel spacious and attractive. Clutter makes the rooms seem smaller and less attractive thereby discouraging potential buyers. The buyer sees it as an additional work to come and start decongesting the house so that they can get a space to place their possessions. Depersonalise your home by packing away personal collections and family items to make the house attractive and spacious.

  1. Light up your home

Maximize the light in your home. Good lighting is the second most important thing that every buyer cites after being comfortable with the location of the home. Clean the windows and the window panes to reflect the sun rays, change the lampshades, take down the drapes, install light bulbs with higher wattage and trim the fence as well as cutting the bushes outside the house to let in sunshine. Do everything possible to make your home cheery and bright; this will make your home more sellable.

  1. Freshen up the compound and the house

Bad odour is a great turn off to potential buyers. Don’t cover up pits and drains to fix the smell; wash bins, clear drains, remove the grimy bed sheets, and open the windows to allow air into the house.

If you are a smoker and the cigarette smoke is still stuck in your house, place bowls of vinegar in several points inside your home and leave out for three days. The vinegar smell will scatter to every point, and when you open the windows, it will disappear, taking out with it most of the stale cigarette smell.

  1. Price your property competitively

Regardless of how well you have staged and renovated your home, it is prudent to price your property appropriately. Make a consultation with sales agent as well as browsing on online platforms to see comparable homes in your area and how they have been priced. Newspapers too can be a good source of pricing information.

It is not always imperative to have your property bearing the lowest price on the block, especially when you have done significant improvements and renovation to it as you’ll obviously leave money on the table. However, the listing price should not be out of the line as compared to other homes of the same standard as you will end up getting few offers thereby making it get stale on the market.

Susan Jones, UK property investor and cash buyer comments: “We deal with a lot of property owners who are looking for a fast sale, but are unrealistic about the selling price for their home. Most properties will sell quickly in todays market if they are priced accordingly and fairly –

Strike a good balance and determine a fair price for your property by trying to put yourself in the buyer’s shoes.

The bottom line

Selling a home in the current saturated market requires a little extra effort and work. Do everything in your power to get your home attractive and in excellent shape and be prepared to make some small adjustment in price at the closing of the deal. These tips, if followed and applied well, will increase the odd of getting your property sold.