Ideas to Ensure You Sell Your Home Quickly

Selling your home can be a difficult and tiresome experience at times. If you have a property that you’re struggling to sell, and has been stuck in the market for months with an estate agent, it can be a nightmare.

Most people who are experiencing difficulties with getting rid of their homes resort to lowering prices in an attempt to entice prospective buyers, ultimately losing stacks of pounds off the sale price. Fortunately, you don’t necessarily have to trade your house for anything less than its real value. There are many more simple and cost-effective ways to attract buyers and cash in on your property in a surprisingly short time.

Below are a few tested and tried ideas you can use to ensure you sell your home quickly, and at the best possible price.

Ensure realistic pricing

Make sure your home is realistically priced in comparison to similar properties within your local neighbourhood or street. Check that it offers good value and it isn’t overpriced, as a measure of ensuring you keep up with the competition.

Take a buyer’s perspective

To help you view your home as a product to be sold and not your own personal property, put yourself in the buyer’s place. Imagine you were looking for a home. What features would you find attractive as a buyer? Have another person, say, family member, or neighbour taking a look and giving their opinion as well. This will greatly help improve your property and attract more and more potential buyers.

Present your property nicely

First impressions are very significant, and therefore you should spend a little time and money preparing your house for sale. This may mean refurbishing the walls with a lick of fresh paint, moving the lawns and spending some time working on the garden. The goal here is to have your home looking as good and attractive as possible.

Depersonalize your property

Putting away or removing some of your belongings helps potential buyers picture what it would be like with them living in that house, without seeing past piles of your personal belongings etc. The process will also help declutter your property and could even give you the chance for a spring clean in the process.

Ensure plenty of light and neutral décor

To attract as many buyers as possible, give your house neutral décor. Light décor could also make the property look spacious while opening blinds and curtains will maximize the quantity of natural light entering the rooms. If you have evening viewing, think carefully of the best way to light your house and baxkyard, keeping in mind that excessive artificial lighting may seem stark.

Improve the kerb appeal

How does your house look from the road or kerb when a potential buyer pays you a visit for the first time? Is your garden looking tidy and neat? Is the front door newly painted and clean? How do your window panes look, and have you cleaned your driveway? Working on these aspects could be as simple as it sounds, but its impact on the buyer is simply priceless.

Fully understand you property’s upsides

If your home is only a ten minute walk away from the next tube or train station, or adjacent to the biggest school and shops in the neighbourhood, make it known to the buyer. This will not only lead scores of potential buyers to your property, but also have them offering reasonable bids, or even accepting your proposed price. It’s also worthwhile pointing out some of the improvements you have made to the property, or anything that makes your home special. Make sure your property agent knows it too so they can sell the benefits at the viewings.

You could have more than one property agent

Opting for a dual listing with another property agent may not be welcomed by your current agent but that should not stop you from giving it a try. This way, your house gets double exposure, which will help sell it faster. Moreover, it brings in some necessary competition as each agent will want to oust the other in selling the property.

Go for a cash sale

There are lots of property organisations and cash buyers who are waiting to pounce on any cash sale offer that pops up. The only downside to these organizations and buyers is that they may take advantage of your urgency to offload your property and want you to cut the price by up to 30%. This could mean losing tens of thousands of dollars just to get a quick a sale.